To estimate how much it will potentially cost to clean a house we first estimate the amount of time it will take an AVERAGE Professional House Cleaner to complete the particular service package in a particular sized house and then add any time based add-ons chosen, such as an oven interior.  We then multiply that time estimate by the hourly rate to get a cost estimate.


Cleaning Package: Motivated PREMIUM Clean

House Size: 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Estimated Time: 5.00 Hours

Oven Add-On: 30 Mins

Fridge Add-On: 30 Mins

Product Add-On: $10.99

Fuel Surcharge: $4.99

Total Time: 6.00 Hours

Maintenance cleaning rate: $34.00/person hour

6 hours X $34.00 = $204 + 4.99 Fuel Surcharge + $10.99 Product Add-On = $219.98 before tax

Just an Estimate

By definition, the word estimate means an approximation and our estimates are only approximations with the actual amount charged, after the clean, based on the amount of GPS person hours logged times the hourly rate plus an applicable non-time based add-on fees times plus any applicable taxes and optional tip, if applicable. 

  • Ultimately, it is impossible for anyone to determine the exact amount of time it will take to complete a clean, sight unseen, so we provide an estimate only.

Even if a house is seen first it can be difficult to estimate the time.  For example, two bathtubs may look like they are soiled exactly the same amount and one could take 15 minutes to come clean and another could take 45 minutes.  Some things just can't be estimated.   They just have to be cleaned to know.  

Another example, might be dust on the top of interior door trims.  If the dust was recently and properly cleaned away then it can be dusted easily with an extendable Swiffer duster with one swipe.  However, if the dust was not fully cleaned away recently and has built up and become full of moisture then it will matted then a stepping stool will be needed and it will have to be cleaned away with a spray and wipe, which takes longer.   Neither would be seen with a walk through visit of the house beforehand unless we physically got on a stool and looked at the top of every door trim, which is not practical.  

  • Of course, different Professional House Cleaners work at different speeds and other variables can effect how long it takes to clean a house.

Just a few variables that affect how long it takes to clean a particular house include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Time between professional cleanings
  • Density of the home's furnishings
  • Layout of the house
  • Number of people living in the house
  • The surface types in the home
  • The cleaning tasks completed
  • The season (spring, fall, winter, summer)
  • The current weather conditions
  • Whether one wears shows in their home or not
  • If there has been an event at the house or guests
  • Geographical location of the house