Exceptional Payouts

Experience the highest average payouts in the home cleaning industry with our uncomplicated 70/30 split model. We bill customers an hourly rate for each hour our Professional House Cleaners work, and Providers receive 70% of that amount. It's as simple as that!

Payouts Processed on a Weekly Basis

We process your payouts every Friday, with the funds arriving in your bank account within a few business days. Each week runs from Saturday to Friday (inclusive), with a built-in two-week holdback. This means that earnings from week 1 will be processed on Friday of week 3, while week 2 earnings will be processed on Friday of week 4, and so forth.

Optional Product Add-On

While customers typically provide cleaning products and Providers supply equipment, we offer the option for Providers to supply cleaning products as well. We bill the customer for this add-on, which is then included in the 70/30 split.

For instance, if we charge $10.99 for the product add-on, you'll receive $7.69 (70%) in your payout. If the products cost you $1.69, for example, you'll make an extra $5.00 profit which adds up over time to be thousands in extra income.

Additionally, you can claim these products as a business expense which reduces your taxable income, keeping more of your money in your pocket, where it belongs.

Fuel Surcharge Compensation

For each booking, we charge a $4.99 fuel surcharge to help cover travel costs to customers' homes. You receive 100% of this surcharge. Completing two bookings per day for 50 weeks a year translates to $2500 to offset your fuel expenses.

Online Tips System

Customers have the option to add a recurring online tip as a percentage of the total or a fixed dollar amount. All tips are yours to keep.

After each booking, we send a text to the customer with a link to tip you online and exceptional work can lead to regular tips, with some Providers reporting $100 to $200 per week in online and cash tips which have totaled an extra $5000 to $10000 per year in earnings.

Determining Your Earnings

Your earnings will depend on factors such as the size of your service area, your availability, the city you work in and your willingness to take on occasional long move in/out, deep and spring clean shifts.

On average our Providers in the St. John's, NL, region who make themselves available in all the postal code areas for St. John's and surrounding communities from 9 to 5 monday to Friday earn on average of $who is available from 9-5 Monday to Friday and covers the entire city, grosses approximately $1100 per week including fuel surcharge and tips.

Your earnings ultimately depend on your efforts, and we're here to help you achieve the highest income possible!