Highest Payouts In Canada

You'll earn the highest payouts, on average, in the entire industry.  There is no complicated payout system. We simply bill our Customers an hourly rate for every hour that our Professional House Cleaners clean their homes (in 15 minute increments) and then payout 70% of what we bill to our Providers.  Easy and simple!  We call it our 70/30 Split.

  • Weekly Payouts on Fridays

We pay you by direct deposit into a connected stripe account which then forwards to your bank account.  When you onboard into our booking and scheduling app you will create a Stripe account which our software will then connect to our Stripe account. Each week, on Fridays we transfer your remuneration from our Stripe account to yours.   However, there is a two week holdback built in.   

Attached to this article is a copy of  the Motivated Brands Inc. 2021 Remuneration Schedule so you can see the exact days you get your funds transferred to your stripe account by us and what period each stripe transfer covers. 

Please note that it can take up to two days for your funds to be transferred from your connected Stripe account to your actual bank account.  Unfortunately, we have no control over this.  For most Providers, when we transfer from our Stripe account to their connected Stripe account on Friday's they tend to receive the funds in their account on Mondays.  However, some Providers, depending on which financial institution they use, receive their funds to their bank account on Saturdays. 

  • Please note that bank holidays can effect when funds are received to a Provider's bank account.  Regardless of holidays, we will always process your remuneration every Friday from our end. 

Our booking and scheduling app will send you a notification when we make your transfer.   You can go into your Provider Dashboard on see every detail easily. 

Earn A Living Wage

We're proud to pay out a living wage and not minimum wage or marginally higher.  We believe Canadians should be able to earn enough to meet their needs in relation to the actual real cost of living in their area. 

To us, this means having food security, being able to purchase a reliable car, being able to purchase group health insurance, being able to take a vacation without worrying about finances, being able to put away money for retirement and, of course, being able to save to purchase your own home.

Full-Time (35 Hours Billed Per Week - 50 Weeks)

  • $24.17/Hour or $42,176/Year (with tips)* 

*These are approximations only. Earnings vary from Provider to Provider.


What We Bill Customers

Your remuneration is 70% of what we bill our Customers and thus it is useful to know what we bill Customers and your share.  

Our base rate is $35/hour with discounts for regular recurring maintenance cleaning.  

  • As-Needed or One-Time Maintenance Cleaning = $35/hour (Provider payout $35 X 70% = $24.50/hour billed)
  • Weekly maintenance cleaning = $31.50/Hour (10% Discount) (Provider payout $31.50 X 70% = $22.05/hour billed)
  • Bi-Weekly maintenance cleaning = $33.25/Hour (5% Discount) (Provider payout $33.25 X 70% = $23.28/hour billed)

Note: The first cleaning of a regular recurring booking is at the undiscounted rate of $35/hour and subsequent regular recurring cleanings are at the discounted rates noted above based on actual frequency of house cleaning visits.   As-needed cleaning refers to the Customer booking cleans regularly on an as-needed basis based on our availability instead of at a regular recurring set day and time. 

  • One-time deep and move in/out cleaning = $40/hour (Provider payout $40 X 70% = $28/hour billed)

By default, our Customers provide the cleaning products such as multi-purpose cleaner, kitchen degreaser, stainless steel cleaner and floor cleaner, for example, but for a product add-on fee our Providers will use their house cleaning products. 

  • Product add-on fee one-time or as-needed maintenance cleaning = $15/clean (Provider payout = $15 X 70% = $10.50/clean)
  • Product add-on fee weekly maintenance cleaning = $13.50/clean (Provider payout = $13.50 X 70% = $9.45/clean)
  • Product add-on fee bi-weekly maintenance cleaning = $14.25/clean (Provider payout = $14.25 X 70% = $9.98/clean)
  • Product add-on fee one-time deep or move in/out cleaning = $20/clean (Provider payout = $20 X 70% = $14/clean)