Are You In My Area? Work From Anywhere Because We're Everywhere!

People interested in joining our network of Professional House Cleaners often ask, are you in my area?  That's a fair question as traditionally house cleaning companies had to have a brick and mortar office in the community, town or city they served.

  • The answer is, yes, we easily can be in your area!

So whether you are in Vancouver, British Columbia; St. John's, Newfoundland or pretty much anywhere in between, we want you on our team!

As long as there are people in your area who want to pay to have their houses cleaned then we will serve that area.  All we need is you!

We simply onboard you, begin our digital marketing and advertising in your area, Customers book online or through our call centre and we dispatch you remotely with our world-class app. 

We are a national company that is headquartered in the Town of Paradise, which is next to historic city St. John's on the island of Newfoundland. Our service areas include 9 of the 10 Provinces of Canada including:

  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • New Brunswick
  • Ontario
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia

We currently do not service Quebec or the Territories but intend on expanding there in the future.

With our system you can literally work in any community, town or city where there are people willing to pay to have their homes cleaned. 

  • Be sure to apply with us whether we currently have Professional House Cleaners servicing your area or not.

Once you've onboarded into our network you just choose the postal codes of the areas you want to make yourself available in (we'll give you a list) and then choose the days and times you want to be available.  Its that simple!

We then begin a target social media, SEO and google ads campaing for your area and Customers looking for house cleaning services in your area book you.

The long and short of it is, as soon as you onboard with us, we are now in your area!  If you have questions on this or anything else please reach out and one of our expert Support Agents will be happy to assist you.  

You can get us by phone, text, email, webchat or social media direct message.   Check us out at