We use an internationally trusted third party provider (Stripe) for credit card processing.  Payment can be made by major credit card or Debit Visa only.  We do not accept cash or cheque but you can tip via cash if you choose to tip. 

A hold is placed on the provided credit card for the estimated amount 48 hours before the scheduled clean date to ensure that the card has enough balance on it to pay for the estimated amount of the service.

The hold may appear as a charge, depending on  your financial institution but it is only a hold.  You will not be actually charged until after the clean is completed. 

Note that the estimate is only an estimate and the actual amount charged, after the clean, will be based on the amount of hours logged by our Professional House Cleaner times your hourly rate plus any applicable add-ons, sales tax and any optional online tip added.

If there was more held than the charged amount then the hold gets converted to a charge and a second charge for the difference will be processed.  If there was less charged than the estimated amount then the amount to be billed converts to a charge from the held amount and the remainder gets released. 

If a clean is cancelled and there is no cancellation fee applicable then the hold is released and in 2 to 5 business days the held amount will become available again.   Unfortunately, we have no control over this time frame as it controlled by the credit card provider.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us and one of our expert Support Agents will be happy to assist you!